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Marketing should be measurable, goal-oriented, and results-driven. We are only interested in doing one type of marketing: Marketing that works!

Meet Your New Digital Marketing Team

Hi! We're Cyclone Social. We are an award-winning, internationally-recognized social media marketing agency specializing in digital advertising and marketing strategy. 

Our team of innovators, creatives, strategic planners, and brand managers have worked with hundreds of clients and are driven to take your brand to the top of your industry and inspire loyalty from your customers.


We have 100+ client success stories and testimonials


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"Choosing Cyclone Social as our social media agency partner last year was one of the best decisions I've made in my many years with Francis Ford Coppola Winery."

- Nick Agius (Content Manager)

ROI and Results-Driven

We start with your business goal. Do you want more sales? More foot traffic? Increased leads? Great. Let's start there and build a strategy to measure those results. If you aren't making money, we aren't doing our job. Period.

No contracts. Ever. 

It's our job to earn your business every day. It's not our job to collect a check on a multi-month contract. This is the best way we can put our money where our mouth is...if it's not working, fire us. Seriously. 

Save time. Save money.

No need to hire a full team of marketers. Our digital marketing agency fees are guaranteed to save you money over full-time hires. Plus, we can get started immediately with a team of vetted marketing experts/specialists.

Not only do we win awards, our clients win awards, too!

These awards have been won by Cyclone Social and by our clients


Meet the marketing experts behind your brand.

Who is Cyclone Social?

There is no marketer on earth who can do ALL areas of marketing at the highest level. The perfect marketer does not exist, but the perfect marketing team absolutely does! 

Cyclone Social is built with a team of specialists who are experts in their respective fields. If your project needs a graphic designer, videographer, conversion rate optimization specialist, and email strategist - that is EXACTLY the team we will bring to your project. Never a general practitioner or generic "marketer". 

“We knew we needed to build a marketing team, but only had the budget for one employee. With Cyclone Social we were able to get a marketing director, digital ads buyer, social media manager, and full creative department for the same price as one full-time employee!”