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Serving up a healthy increase in sales and customer growth

A Subway restaurants franchise owner hired Cyclone Social to work on a marketing campaign for 52 of his restaurants in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.


Subway had just launched a nation-wide $6 sandwich campaign. Cyclone Social was hired to test a campaign in a handful of stores across 5 different cities to see if the results in these 10 stores were any different than the other 42 stores. This was the perfect opportunity to compare all stores in our market vs. the stores running social media promotions (effectively testing the social media ROI).


In order to increase weekly sales, Cyclone Social created a hyper-targeted Facebook/ Instagram campaign. The ads were created for specific markets (ex: ads sent to teachers had imagery and verbiage associated specifically with teachers), sent out at optimal times during the day, and geo-targeted to only focus on specific people who lived or worked within a realistic distance of our restaurants.


We only promoted the same messages that the other 42 stores were promoting and followed similar messaging to corporate’s national campaign. The difference was in the targeting and strategic delivery of the ads.


Following the 3-week $6 footlong campaign, we ran a 2-day social media-only promotion in 4 different stores just to see if the results would carry over. This campaign was similar to national’s “Buy One, Get One” campaign. The message was delivered via social media only.



During the initial 3-week campaign, when we ran the exact same promotion as the other stores our stores were consistently 18% higher in sales across the board. When we ran our follow-up campaign, we saw lines out the door and even ran out of bread because the stores were so busy!

Average daily sales in these 5 stores prior to the campaign: $426/day
Day 1 of the campaign: $767
Day 2 of the campaign: $1,560

• 18% increase in sales when compared apples-to-apples with other stores
• 20X growth in customer count for the 2-day promotion
• 236% increase in sales during the 2-day promotion
• 7.8X decrease in total ad spend

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