Social Media SHOULD own a revenue number

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“I just want followers” is not a great reason for using social media.

However, I want followers…in order to:
Get more people engaged with my brand.

I need more people engaged with my brand…in order to:
Build out the top of our sales funnel.

I need to build the top of our sales funnel…in order to:
Drive a larger quantity of prospective customers towards conversion.

I need to drive a larger quantity of customers towards conversion…in order to:
Increase our total sales!

THAT sounds like a compelling reason to get more followers on social media.

Keep in mind that social media is not always a direct contributor to your business goal, but it should not be kept in a completely different silo. As you build your social media strategy, consider your end goal.

What is your BUSINESS trying to accomplish right now?

In order to accomplish that goal, how many different things need to happen? And what part of that solution involves social media? This means that your social media goals need to align with your business goals. Social media should own a revenue number. When you are holding your social media accountable, start with that revenue number and ask: how has social media contributed to this?

WARNING!!!! Don’t get this message confused with “attribution modeling” and assume that every dollar should be directly attributed to a social media effort. Some of this will be more complicated to track. BUT your social media should be able to point to its purpose and how it contributed to the ultimate sales goal.

Does that make sense? If not, call me. I’ll talk through it further with you.

To recap:
Social media should have purpose. The purpose is directly related to your business goal.

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