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  • Wes Teska

Why I Offer Unlimited Paid Time Off

Why do I offer unlimited paid time off?

Well that’s easy…I trust my team! Honestly, it’s that easy. However, I’ll expand on the topic a bit.

I went on vacation a few years ago with some friends and we were staying at a hotel right on the beach in Florida. I was up at 7am, sitting on the balcony, computer on my lap, enjoying the sunrise and ocean breeze….working.

My friend came outside and said “aren’t you on vacation? Why are you working?!”

Well, to me, vacation doesn’t necessarily mean “stop working” – it means live your life in an aweosme place that isn't your means be able to get your work done while enjoying a gorgeous sunrise and ocean vibes. I cannot get away from work. No matter how much I want to “take a vacation” – it’s not ever going to be a put-my-computer-down-and-shut-off.

I told my friends, “I love what I do! Now I get to do what I love while I’m at the beach!”

Quick Note: don’t worry, I put down the laptop and went to the beach with everyone when they all finally got out of bed.

Another example: I have a staff member who told me when she started with Cyclone Social that she works best at night time. Being a logical human I immediately said “well you should probably work at night time then!” and I gave her that flexibility.

In both these scenarios, we were going to work no matter what. Why should I tell her she’s not getting paid at night time when that’s when she’s going to work anyway? Why should employees like me not get paid when they are working in the morning on vacation? We are going to work anyway…might as well know my company has my back!

I have friends who HATE their jobs. Their bosses are completely inflexible with paid time off (PTO) and make it very stressful for their employees.

These companies ask me “what if your employees take advantage of it? What if they don’t work 40 hours per week?”

My reply is simple: “I would rather have 20 great hours than 40 sub-par hours from my employees.”

I can guarantee you something…you will not come into Cyclone Social and meet employees who are counting down the minutes until 5pm – because they won’t be here. They will be home already. They will be working at their favorite coffee shop. They will be doing something productive to stay mentally sharp and emotionally inspired. They will be happy. And they will be back to work tomorrow.

Why do I offer unlimited PTO? Because I know that my team will get their jobs done. If they don’t, they are held accountable for that. Why should I care if they waste 20 hours per week watching the clock after they finished their jobs? As long as the job is complete, who cares?! GOOD FOR THEM!

If my team is inspired, happy, and motivated, they can move mountains! Who am I to stop them?

Not just that, but I’m not going to lie…this is a great recruiting tactic too. If you’re looking for a job in marketing and you want to work for an awesome company, hit me up. I will 100% trust you to get your job done and give you all the flexibility and freedom in the world to do it!

I’m not joking…send me a message, email me your resume ( you never know.

Let me know your thoughts on unlimited PTO. I’d love to hear your input! For me, so far it’s working like a charm.

Oh and to answer the question “doesn’t your staff take advantage of this?!” the answer is NO!! I had to tell one of them while they were taking vacation days “STOP EMAILING ME! IF YOU EMAIL ME AGAIN I WILL LITERALLY DEACTIVATE YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT!” Work is part of life. Hopefully, done right, the balance is perfect and everyone stays inspired and happy.