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  • Wes Teska

Recruiting With Social Media

“I need to recruit some team members – can you help me do it on social media??”

I keep getting this question from business owners, so I figure I’d address it here in a quick Linkedin post.

I get it. The market is hard right now for employers looking for remarkable talent. You’ve tried Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn jobs, etc. and still not getting what you need…

So you turn to your good ol’ pal Andrew at Cyclone Social and say “Hey bud, can you help us recruit some talent ASAP for our company?!” Probably not. No offense, but that’s not really how it works. Let’s start with the options:

1)   We could post about it! Well, that’s cool – if you have thousands of followers who happen to also be qualified for the position. But let’s be real. A job post, unless it’s insanely remarkable, is going to get lost pretty quickly in a timeline full of Justin Bieber, political rants, football trash talk, gender reveal videos, and cat videos… You’re not going to win that battle

2)   We could run ads, targeting people who might qualify for the position. And YES it might work. But for MOST positions, it really isn’t cost effective. If they’re looking for jobs, they probably already checked the job sites. So your dollars are probably better there.

3)   We could start now and hire LATER. Most likely you’re late to the game, and you need to start showing off the culture at this point. This is the key. THE BEST WAY TO RECRUIT VIA SOCIAL MEDIA IS TO USE IT CONSISTENETLY AND ALWAYS INCLUDE CULTURE IN YOUR CONTENT.

Sure, you have a cool place to work, but if it’s not front and center, it’s not going to be a priority. For Cyclone Social, I generally receive 2-3 job inquiries per day. They come via email, Facebook, Linkedin, and even Instagram DM (today I received a DM on my personal Instagram from someone looking for a job with Cyclone Social). Why? Probably because we show off our culture on social media. And we aren’t even hiring right now!

When we do get into hiring mode, you’ll recognize it because we will ramp up the culture posts. You will see more content about our Unlimited PTO policies, office parties, outside work get togethers, staff features, client meetings or video shoots, travel, etc.

I posted an article about PTO on LinkedIn at one point and received over 200 applications that week. But it’s important to note that we have always tried to show off our culture. We don’t just pick and choose times to do so.

If you own a company – and I don’t care what industry it’s in – start being more authentic on social media. You’re the CEO? Don’t hide yourself – get out there and show that you’re a real person! You’re approachable. Get your staff involved in social media sharing. Not by asking them to do it, but by doing things they will WANT to share on social! When we did a riverboat tour last summer, our staff was instagramming and snapchatting the entire thing on their personal networks…which obviously led to their friends asking “Hey, are you guys hiring? Seems like a cool place to work!”

I can go on and on, but basically the answer to the question “can you use social media to help me hire immediately” is probably going to be “it’s doubtful, but if you’re willing to make u for lost time and go big right now, we have a shot!”

I have no idea if this post is helpful to any of you…but feel free to hit me up if you want to continue this discussion. I have a lot of thoughts on this topic!