Dondolo has combined the best cotton in the world with elegant and classic designs to create an extraordinary luxury children's clothing line.

Discover new ways to use social media marketing that are proven to drive more sales.


Increase in sales year-over-year


Increase in average order volume


Return on ad spend

Campaign Goal

Dondolo worked with Cyclone Social to transition its brand into a direct-to-consumer model. The goal was to increase daily sales directly through Dondolo, as opposed to partner retail locations.


Cyclone Social built a custom advertising strategy using current customer data, building look-a-like audiences, and retargeting these prospective customers. Using detailed targeting to narrow the audience and build a rolling, ever adjusting audience, Cyclone Social was able to target the constantly changing audience of moms with newborns. 


The campaign resulted in a 7.4 return on ad spend and a 107.8% increase in sales of the previous year Surprisingly, the campaign only took 6 days to start firing on cylinders. The first month of the campaign resulted in a 62.2% growth in sales compared to the prior 3 months. Here are some key results from the campaign:

•    107.8% increase in sales year-over-year
•    40% increase in average order volume
•    2x new users visiting the website
•    64.2% increase in sales (compared to prior 3 months)
•    7.4 return on ad spend


"The production and creative quality at Cyclone Social are second to none. The team has been great for our business and image. Thank you for all that you've done!"

James Schindler - President


"Though unsure what social media could do for our already saturated market, Cyclone Social took us to a new level of growth that we were not expecting. "

Jim Miller - Franchisee


"Choosing Cyclone Social as our social media agency partner last year was one of the best decisions I've made in my many years with Francis Ford Coppola Winery."

Nick Agius - Content Manager



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