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Don Ayres

Driving new car sales for Honda

Don Ayres Honda is a locally-owned Honda dealership located on an 18-acre campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Family owned and operated since 1970, Don Ayres is a staple of the community, the Indiana Honda DealerRater Dealer of the Year for 2018 and #1 Certified Honda Dealer in Indiana.


Don Ayres Honda partnered with Cyclone Social in order to increase new car sales through a targeted, cost-effective marketing strategy. The goal was to specifically schedule test drives through their website.


In order to increase monthly sales, there needed to be an increase in test drives as measured by Facebook leads appointments scheduled. The prior month, there were 8 test drive appointments scheduled through the website.


The campaign was multi-layered as Cyclone Social developed a sales funnel to drive test drive leads. The initial phase of this campaign involved brand awareness and mass-marketing to gauge interest in specific groups of buyers. Content was shown to thousands of people who were identified as potential shoppers. Those who engaged with this content were then served the next group of ads – Call-to-Action Ads. At this point, users were asked to engage with the ad and schedule their appointment. When a user clicked the link but did not complete the test drive scheduler, they were re-targeted until they completed the action.


This campaign led to 88 new test drives in a 30-day period.



Don Ayres Honda’s test drives skyrocketed in the weeks following the initial Cyclone Social partnership. Furthermore, the Cyclone Social strategy conclusively yielded:

  • 88 new test drives in one month (directly related to the campaign)

  • 80% increase in website traffic

  • 109% increase in landing page views

  • 46% decrease in cost per result

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