Hire a full marketing team.
Only pay ONE salary.

Cyclone Social exists to make your life easier. We hire, train, and employ a staff of marketing experts who we then assemble into specialized teams for your brand so you don't have to! Oh, and we do all of that at the cost of one salaried employee.

Build your team of...


Influencer campaigns


"Choosing Cyclone Social as our social media agency partner last year was one of the best decisions I've made in my many years with Francis Ford Coppola Winery."

- Nick Agius (Content Manager)

Don't worry about hiring.

We all know how hard it is to hire and retain employees. The average digital marketing employee stays in a job for 18-months. Cyclone Social takes the hiring necessity off your plate and creates consistency for your marketing team. Skip the interviews, job postings, benefits packages, employment taxes, & staff turnover.

No contracts. Ever. 

It's our job to earn your business every day. It's not our job to collect a check on a multi-month contract. This is the best way we can put our money where our mouth is...if it's not working, fire us. Seriously. 

Save time. Save money.

Our team gets started immediately! No waiting for your "new hire" to start, onboard, and get rolling. Cyclone Social will establish your team and lay out a kickoff plan that starts immediately. 


or Be Ignored"

Marketing should be measurable, goal-oriented, and results-driven. We are only interested in doing one type of marketing: the type that works!

Meet Your New Digital Marketing Team

Hi! We're Cyclone Social. We are an award-winning, internationally-recognized social media marketing agency specializing in digital advertising and marketing strategy. 

Our team of innovators, creatives, strategic planners, and brand managers have worked with hundreds of clients and are driven to take your brand to the top of your industry and inspire loyalty from your customers.


How do we compare?

For the price of a single, full-time salary


Full-time Hire


Traditional Agency

Total number of marketers hired



1 - 2


Total hours of work per month



10 - 15

4 - 10

Hiring time & fees

(onboarding, training, taxes, etc.)





Termination Fees





Quality of Expertise

Highly skilled in all areas of marketing

Niche to his/her single area of skill

Niche to his/her single area of skill

Skilled in all areas of marketing

Brands trust us

“We knew we needed to build a marketing team, but only had the budget for one employee. With Cyclone Social we were able to get a marketing director, digital ads buyer, social media manager, and full creative department for the same price as one full-time employee!”