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  • Welcome to Cyclone Social

    We are an independent, full-service, creatively driven social media marketing agency that creates and cultivates strong relationships between great companies and their customers. We partner with brands to maximize business objectives with our award-winning creative production, digital strategy, influencer marketing, paid media, and social media campaigns.


    Our goal is not to sell your product or service - our goal is to sell your product or service AGAIN. Our formulas for building loyalty have generated millions of dollars in business for our clients. We want to share these concepts with you.


    + Videography

    + Photography

    + Graphic Design

    + Copywriting


    + Analytics-based posting and planning

    + Why to post

    + When to post

    + Where to post


    + Social Media Customer Service

    + Responding/ Engaging

    + Influencer Marketing

    + PR - Earned Media


    + Sales Funnels

    + Social Media Advertising

    + Paid Media



    We do not bring on direct competitors as clients. Once we have one client in an industry, we are exclusive to them.

  • Real-Life Results

    We have hundreds of success stories we would love to share with you!

    +89.29% Customer Count

    Local restaurant chain made an increase of 89.29% in customer count while developing 39.16% growth in sales using a Cyclone Social Facebook and Instagram strategy.

    #1 in World!

    A medical practice wanted to increase exposure and conversations surrounding their brand. Cyclone Social built a strategy that boosted this company to #1 in the world within their industry!


    Cyclone Social worked with a Florida-based property management group to develop a sales plan using only Facebook. In 2 weeks the campaign generated $250,000 in sales.


    Cyclone Social worked with an online retailer to increase niche product sales. The success was so great that within 4 days the company SOLD OUT of all inventory!

    32 Hot Leads

    An independent real estate agent needed to increase his "quality" leads. Cyclone Social implemented a strategy to cut out ineffective leads and maximize hot leads for the agent. In 3 weeks Cyclone Social generated 32 hot leads!

    +8.6% Conversion Rate

    Working with a national ecommerce company, Cyclone Social implemented a strategy to increase conversion rates from 2.2% to 8.6% within the first month of integration.

    88 Car Test Drives

    When Cyclone Social was brought into a car dealership they were asked to increase foot traffic of potential car buyers over the course of 30 days.

    Jay Leno

    "Jay Leno" is an odd social media result, but that is exactly what Cyclone Social accomplished for a small, local business when Jay Leno walked through their front door as a result of their campaign.


    Cyclone Social is a strategic social marketing agency focused on accomplishing business goals for clients ranging from international brands to local mom and pop companies. We are innovators, thought-leaders, creative artists, strategic planners, and goal-driven brand managers. Our job is to take companies to the top of their respective industries and inspire loyalty in their buyers.

    Andrew Lamping - Cyclone Social CEO

    Andrew Lamping


    Anna Rudicel - Cyclone Social

    Anna Rudicel

    Marketing Director

    Wes Teska - Cyclone Social

    Wes Teska

    Creative Director

    Christopher Lamping  - Cyclone Social

    Christopher Lamping

    Director of Operations

    Will Swygart  - Cyclone Social

    Will Swygart

    Art Director

    Eric Hall - Cyclone Social

    Eric Hall

    Community Manager

    Megan McLeish - Cyclone Social

    Megan McLeish

    Art Director

    Cameron Frank - Cyclone Social

    Ryan Geiger

    Art Director

    Joshua Ihrie - Cyclone Social

    Joshua Ihrie

    Video Content Strategist

    Jim Mahan- Cyclone Social

    Jim Mahan

    Video Content Creator

    Grace Hoffman - Cyclone Social

    Greg Shields

    Digital Media Strategist

    Caitlyn Cresse - Cyclone Social

    Caitlyn Cresse

    Assistant Community Manager

    Andy Karn - Cyclone Social

    Andy Karn


    Travis Geisel - Cyclone Social

    Travis Geisel

    Community Manager

    Grace Hoffman - Cyclone Social

    Kaylie Snodgrass

    Graphic Designer

    Nick Lubs - Cyclone Social

    Nick Lubs

    Creative Content Designer

    William Schwartz - Cyclone Social

    Ben Schwartz

    Content Creator

    Grace Hoffman - Cyclone Social

    Kyle Bowers

    Staff Brand Manager

    Arantza Yuja - Cyclone Social

    Arantza Yuja

    Video Editor

    Grace Hoffman - Cyclone Social

    Grace Hoffman

    Brand Champion

    Ashton East - Cyclone Social

    Megan Heaston


    Ashton East - Cyclone Social

    Ashton East


    Jake Tomlinson - Cyclone Social

    Jake Tomlinson


    Hannah Dickey - Cyclone Social

    Hannah Dickey


    Tori Perez - Cyclone Social

    Tori Perez


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    Positions Available

    Art Director

    Fort Wayne, IN & Indianapolis, IN

    Work within a pod to develop and deliver creative concepts in order to best serve our clients.

    Community Manager

    Fort Wayne, IN & Indianapolis, IN

    Develop and deliver social media marketing plans that achieve the client's’ objectives in order to best serve our clients

    Creative Lead

    Fort Wayne, IN & Indianapolis, IN

    Entry-level creative role focused on developing and delivering creative concepts in order to best serve our clients.

    Production Artist

    Fort Wayne, IN & Indianapolis, IN

    Create high quality social media content for the pods in order to best serve our clients. This includes videography, photography, and design.

    Brand Advocacy Coordinator

    Fort Wayne, IN

    Act as our clients’ voices on social media in order to engage with people and create remarkable experiences for them.

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