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Facebook Doesn’t Work, But That’s What I Sell….

Nope. Facebook doesn’t actually work for a business. Neither does Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or any other social media network. This probably doesn’t surprise most of you, but it is a little shocking hearing it from the owner of a social media company.

So why do I sell it?

I want to start with a story (bear with me). A few years back my younger brother received a little helicopter for Christmas - you know the one they fly around at the mall in the little kiosks… I remember walking through the mall and watching these helicopters hover over the crowd. I remember how the helicopter flew up and down, weaving in and out of the obstacles on the kiosk. This little helicopter was awesome!

Fast forward to Christmas morning when my brother opened his gift. “Cool, a helicopter! Let’s fly it around the living room!!!” We opened the little gadget, put in the batteries and took off…


I’m surprised our mom didn’t kill us. We literally crashed that little helicopter into every surface in the house…lamps, picture frames, the TV (Ok, Dad almost killed us for that one), windows, and even our little sister’s head.

After about 10 minutes of “falling with style” and suicide bombing the entire house one could only come to the conclusion that this helicopter was clearly broken and didn’t work.

Right? That’s the logical conclusion. The helicopter was terrible. It crashed itself into everything in our home. This helicopter broke things in our home and crashed ITSELF into my sister’s head. That helicopter was 100% clearly broken and 100% did NOT work. Period. End of story.

Ok, let’s back up and look at this story from the perspective of an outsider. If I was a logical bystander and Andrew told me “this helicopter doesn’t work” I would chuckle and say, “Andrew, the helicopter works fine. You just suck at flying it.”

So this brings us back to Facebook (and all other social media). I was having that same discussion with a friend of mine who is the CEO of a company and he said “social media just doesn’t work for us. We tried it and nothing happened.”

Fair. But let’s look at the above example…is there any consideration that maybe you chose the wrong pilot? Maybe you just didn’t use this platform correctly.

Full disclosure: This is not a sales pitch. This is a come-to-Jesus meeting.

Let’s be real for a second. I own a calculator, but I am not the best accountant. I own a car, but Danica Patrick would kick my ass in a race. I have a kitchen full of food, but 10 times out of 10 you would rather eat Gordon Ramsay’s meals. I own a basketball, but LeBron James would beat me in 1 on 1 by 2,000 points.

Maybe it’s not the helicopter….maybe it’s the pilot.

Remember this one really important thing: Facebook is a tool. Facebook itself doesn’t do anything for your business. Just like a tool box itself doesn’t do anything for your home. The toolbox in the right hands can construct a home, just like Facebook in the right hands can and will increase your leads, referrals, and sales.

There are BILLIONS of people using social media every day. It took radio thirty-eight years to gain an audience of 50 million people. It took TV thirteen years. It took Instagram a year and a half…. If we are going to question something in our business we should probably question the people, not the platform that is growing faster than any other platform in the world. If you can’t figure out how to use social media, you have a MUCH bigger problem.

Here’s what it takes to be successful. (I will write a blog that is more in-depth on this topic) 4 things:

1) Creative Development

2) Ads and Sales Strategy

3) Community Management

4) Brand Advocacy

When we are looking at our people, these are the 4 roles that need to be addressed in a social media department. Why? Because creative is right brain, analysis is left brain. If you find someone who is a phenomenal photographer, videographer, copywriter, salesman, customer service professional, business strategist, marketer, networker, and conversationalist, you are a lucky person! Don’t let them go.

If you don’t have someone who is super-human working for you already, maybe it’s time to start building your team in order to effectively utilize one of the most amazing resources ever given to a business…social media.

No, Facebook does not work. But with the right team, your business can excel by utilizing social media.

It’s not always about the helicopter, it’s usually about the pilot. 
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